Incredible BITONG from the “Masters of TONG”. Age-old recipes, made using one of the finest Sussex prime-beef-herds from our local, but internationally renown ADSDEAN farm. Flavours include Original, Chilli, Peri-Peri and Garlic. Best Prices, finest quality, lowest postage costs

What is BILTONG ? It is dried beef, beef jerky, dried meat, game biltong, air cured beef made from cured, air-dried silverside or topside cuts. Another famous export coming soon to our site is droerwors or drywors, made from the famous South African boerewors.

We have been making biltong for over 25 years, both here in the UK and in South Africa. Our meat is sourced from our friend Tim Hoare of Adsdean Farm, in Funtington, here in West Sussex. This local partnership in excellence enables us to offer you the finest biltong you will ever come across. That claim includes comparisons from our homeland of South Africa ! So sure are we, of our claim-to-fame, that if you don’t like it, just send it back and we will refund the entire amount, including your postage !!

To satisfy the massive demand we are currently experiencing, we are creating more biltong making space at the famous Woodhorn Organic Farm in Oving, Chichester, West Sussex. We find that the demand for our biltong constantly out-strips our ability to supply the quantity demanded from our loyal and dedicated public. If we cannot fulfil your order this week, we will send your order to you the following week. Larger orders will be made as individual batches and can be specified in any configuration.

Most importantly, make sure you specify when ordering, how you like your biltong. For example, most red-blooded South Africans, eat it wet, with a healthy amount of fat running down the edge ! For more cautious biltong lovers, they prefer a much drier, darker finish without any fat whatsoever ! My preference is medium wet with plenty of fat ... so maybe I wont live as long, but it will surely be a tasty journey !

Our biltong contains, NO preservatives, NO colourings. It is all natural, dried beef. You will probably loose more calories eating it than you gain from the biltong !

We wholesale biltong to approved retailers. If you are interested in retailing our quality products, please fill in the enquiry form.